FADEOLOGIST® was founded 1995 in Atlanta, GA  and is now one of the most recognized brands in the barbering industry, let alone one of the longest established barbershops in Gwinnett County.  

Raising the bar in a dying industry has not been a choice, but merely a standard that we at FADEOLOGIST have exemplified since day one through our motto “Haircuts To A Science”.

We have maintained our relevance by perpetuating an atmosphere that is up scale and undoubtedly conducive for people from all walks of life with certainty that they will find a suitable barber within the confines of FADEOLOGIST. 

FADEOLOGIST stays innovative and technologically savvy by using top-notch equipment and implements.  We give customers the option of booking appointments online with their barber of choice.

On any visit, clients are guaranteed a wealth of I.E.E., which is the acronym for Information, Education, and sometimes Entertainment. We keep them informed and educated on any new and upcoming technology, towards the advancement of attaining and maintaining healthy hair and skin, all while keeping a smile on their face and a chuckle in their voice.

Over the years, FADEOLOGIST has become a major pillar in Gwinnett County by providing endless and essential support for our community through volunteer haircut services for men and women at homeless shelters, prison inmates, and for those that are experiencing trials and tribulations.  FADEOLOGIST has an unwritten policy that we won’t turn down anyone despite the lack of finances. 

We also have a mentorship program for young boys ages 12-15 from broken homes called “One Down, One To Go” designed to help train young boys for leadership, while teaching them the value of a dollar. The boys assist in miscellaneous tasks around FADEOLOGIST, but most importantly they get to be around positive role-models.

Last; but never least, we keep in mind and understand that old yet relevant cliché,  “Without YOU, There Is No US”.

Thank you for your support!